February 23, 2024

How to prepare your property for photos

Words by

Abi Radford

Forget traditional marketing, it’s 2024.

Making your property stand out in the market is very important to us. First impressions count, and we know that our photos and description could make the difference between someone coming to view your home or not. Our business model means that we take the time and care to get to know you and your home to ensure we showcase every detail of what makes it so special. And we work with two exceptional photographers – Jack and Mitch – who bring fresh creativity to estate agent photography. We know that you won’t be disappointed with the end result. Read on to learn a bit more about our photographers, and find out how you can prepare your property for photos.

Meet our photographers

Black and white photos of Mitch and Jack

Jack Beard (pictured right)

Jack is a professional photographer who brings something different and exciting to estate agent photography and videography. By capturing the details of a home he tells a story that attracts the attention, and the imagination, of potential buyers. Jack loves modern, minimalist architecture and interiors, particularly Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired design. Having worked with Jack over the past few years, we are over the moon to have him as part of the Number Twenty Four team.

Mitch Stather (pictured left)

Mitch is a Brighton-based creative with a passion and talent for photography shot both digitally and on film. Having bought his first camera at age seventeen, he has made it a more serious part of his life for the past four years. When it comes to photographing properties, Mitch’s style results in stunning images that welcome you in and he’s a true asset to our team. He loves shooting in natural light which showcases a property’s true features. When not behind a lens, you will often find Mitch under a car (he’s also an engineer) or out in nature.

How to prepare your property for photos

Our photographers work to high standards, which means that sometimes things have to be moved around to get the best shot. They are both very friendly, and more than happy to get stuck in, but it’s often easier if you prepare your property for photos before our visit. Here are some tips on what you can do:

Clean and tidy

It’s surprising what shows up in photos so we recommend that you clean and tidy before the photographer arrives. We’re not suggesting a deep clean (unless you want to) but giving your home a once-over can help with the result. You can:

  • Tidy away clothes, shoes, paperwork, wires (where possible)
  • Dust surfaces
  • Put away cleaning products in bathrooms and the kitchen
  • Give windows, shower screens, and mirrors a wipe-down
  • Clean the kitchen and put away cluttered utensils
  • Don’t forget about outdoor spaces – sweep up leaves, wipe down furniture, and move cars off the driveway.

Put away personal items

We love seeing the personality shine through in people’s homes, and often the way they have been decorated is what people are attracted to online. However, some personal items aren’t for show. We would advise putting these things away:

  • Family photographs (where possible)
  • Trinkets and ‘bits and bobs’ if you have lots of them
  • Children’s toys

Add some extra touches

One way in which we stand out from other estate agents is by taking feature shots of your home. These photos are predominantly of fixtures and fittings that will stay with the sale but decorative shots add to the ‘feel’ of the home and give buyers an idea of what living there could be like. Extra touches could include:

  • Setting up the dining table with placemats, plates, cups and glasses
  • Buying some fresh flowers
  • Filling the fruit bowl with fresh fruit
  • Uncovering and setting up the garden furniture

Be flexible

When you instruct us we will try and get your home listed as quickly as we can and working with two photographers enables us to do this. However, it’s worth being flexible so we can capture your property in its best light – literally. We will always look at the forecast before booking photos and sometimes it is worth waiting a day or two for the sun to come out to get the best shots possible. If you have a stunning view, we don’t want it ruined by the weather!

Feature shots of a dining room

Frequently asked questions

Should I stay at home for the photos or should I go out?

It’s up to you! Some clients are happy to leave us to it, whereas others prefer to be there. We will always ask whether you mind us moving things around and will always return them to where we found them.

How long will the photography appointment take?

It depends on the size of your property, but it’s likely that the appointment will take between 1 and 1.5 hours.

How long will it take for the photos and description to be sent to me afterward?

We will endeavour to send you the photos and property description within 48 hours after the appointment.

Should I offer tea or coffee?

Absolutely! (And biscuits if you have them…!)

How to get in contact with us

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